What is it?

eMembership is an on-line membership database.
eMembership is easy to set-up, to use and maintain using your existing PC and web browser.
eMembership enables you to store accurate and secure details about your members without purchasing expensive software or hardware.
eMembership can then be used to:

Who is it for?

If you operate a membership system for your club, society or association, then you’ll know how vital it is to have access to accurate members’ details.
eMembership has been designed to provide you with a secure, cost effective on-line method of storing, accessing and updating your membership records.
The intuitive design means you can analyse and query your data simply and quickly, enabling you to create reports and membership cards effortlessly when combined with intergral membership cards.

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eMembership removes the need for you to manage your own database servers and software. Access is via your existing web-browsers.

eMembership enables you to produce integral membership cards immediately without special templates or software.

eMembership's easy set-up means you can have a new membership database within minutes.

eMembership gives you access to our expertise in data migration. Your existing data can easily be migrated into your new on-line database, just call for a no obligation quotation to migrate your existing data.




Once you sign up to an account, you'll have access to your own eMembership database, which you can customise to your needs.

Each time you access the database you will be required to log in using your unique userid, database name and password.

Your data is stored on hosted cluster servers in the UK and has 24/7 monitoring. Clustered servers mean that there is no single point of failure and with duplicated servers, each component is instantly replaceable and therefore your database will have maximum availabitlity.



eMembership's unique flexibility enables you to customise your membership data requirements quickly. Field descriptions and reports can be tailored to your own individual needs.

We realise that sometimes an off the shelf solution, no matter how flexible, is just not right for your needs. That's why eMembership has been designed to be expandable and can be customised to meet your exacting requirements.

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